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Series » B » Bad Builders Bang To Rights

Bad Builders Bang To Rights

Release year
Documentary, Design/decorating, Drama
In this new three-part TV series consumer champion Dominic Littlewood confronts bad builders, meets the people whose lives have been ruined by dodgy contractors and helps rebuild and repair their homes. The majority of tradesmen are hardworking and reputable but for people unlucky enough to hire a bad builder the effects can be utterly devastating. Across three programmes, Dominic meets families whose lives have been torn apart by shoddy workmen including an 84-year-old woman who has been forced to sleep in her living room for almost a year, a single mum whose home has been made uninhabitable and a young man with severe learning difficulties who has been living in a leaking extension for the past seven years. With the help of builder Chris Payne and designer Pippa Jameson, Dominic fixes up their homes making them liveable again. He also confronts the builders responsible for the shoddy work and exposes dodgy contractors catching them red handed by secretly filming them at work.
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